A Personal INTRO to Love

Annabel Hannam’s personal introduction agency, INTRO NW, has such a fantastic reputation that it is fast becoming the one that everyone is talking about. You can trust her with your heart and many have found lasting happiness by doing just that! We wanted to meet the woman who has brought a fresh, safe and professional approach to the world of North West dating.


They say that love makes the world go around and they’re right! People have been writing, singing and talking about it for centuries but finding it in the modern world isn’t so simple. Life seems to move at a faster pace and making time to find someone with whom you can share special moments isn’t always an easy task. Luckily, our region is home to a dating agency with a big difference. It’s a dating agency that has been called one of the UK’s leading matchmakers: INTRO NW.

There are many reasons for such praise and, as the autumn evenings draw in and Christmas approaches, we thought what better time to go behind the scenes and find out just what it is that has made INTRO such a success. So, if you’re happily loved up, enjoy the read but if you are thinking about finding someone special, then this could be the first step on a very happy journey.

The first thing that makes INTRO so special, it has to be said, is the lady behind the concept: Annabel Hannam. Annabel-a self-confessed romantic- and her team are committed to offering a personal service and it is this that has contributed so much to the success of INTRO.

‘Yes, for us, personal service is our cornerstone. Here, at INTRO, we think finding the right partner, someone who will bring love, fun and special shared moments into your life is an enormous and important part of life; too important we feel to entrust solely to a computer, although computers do have their uses’ laughs Annabel, who has managed to blend technology and a personal introduction service into the perfect recipe for finding someone special.

So, if you’ve decided that you have had enough of internet dating, speed dating or you simply haven’t tried a dating agency before; what happens when you decide that the personal service is really the only thing that makes sense?

The first thing to is to contact Intro for a no obligation chat-you can find out how to do that at the end of this piece. They cover all of the North West and if you’re single whether through choice or any circumstance, aged between 30 and 80, then do get in touch! Don’t worry, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little nervous but don’t let that stop you because as soon as you speak to one of the team at INTRO, you’ll wonder what on earth there was to be nervous about. We don’t know if there is an award for ‘The Friendliest Dating Agency on the Planet’ but if there is, INTRO should win it!

One of the negative things about internet dating is that there really is no way of checking that people are who they say they are and that can not only waste time, it can cause disappointment and even heart ache but, once you’ve decided to join INTRO, you’ve given yourself the very important gift of total peace of mind.

‘Absolutely. We’ve all heard awful stories about people who don’t present themselves or their situations honestly and many of us have first-hand experience of the upset that can cause,’ says Annabel.

At INTRO, Annabel meets all prospective clients face to face and yes, identity checks are carried out. They make sure that every client really is looking for long term relationship and, just as importantly, that they are available to embark on such a relationship. That is massively important, as you don’t have to devote any energy to worrying that people are who they say they are: Annabel and the team at INTRO have made sure that you are safe.

Annabel then takes time to make sure that she understands a client, their motivation, history, aspirations and interests and this is something that she is amazingly skilled at. It really is like chatting to a new friend as Annabel’s friendly character just shines through. If you did have any nerves, this is where they disappear! 

‘Well, we like to understand a client as well as we can,
so that we build a positive, honest profile and tailor match it. After all, if you love modern art, there’s no point in matching you to someone who thinks that Picasso could take a drawing lesson or two from the Old Masters! That’s
a pretty basic example but I hope it shows that we don’t want to waste our clients’ precious time. Don’t forget that
by meeting you and your date first-although we can’t account for chemistry-we are confident that you could
be a match,’ explains Annabel.

A professional photograph can also be taken.

‘I’m not keen on having a snapshot done of myself I have to say but that is a world away from a professional shot.
A professional photographer will capture you at your best, as well as capturing a little of your personality and, of course, it does mean that you and your prospective date are clear about who they’re meeting. We think that’s important and so do our clients who really love this aspect of our service,’ smiles Annabel.

So, INTRO’s personal and fresh approach means, firstly, that you know that you and your date have been vouched for; secondly, that you will have areas in common and thirdly, you both know what you look like. That goes an awfully long way to making sure that you can just simply concentrate on getting to know each other, without any awkwardness or worry.

 Joining INTRO is really just like having a best friend who knows and cares for you and who can vouch for some people that they think might just be a match. That’s what a personal dating service offers and
no-one does it better than Annabel and her team at INTRO! This is modern dating with a heart.

Telephone: 0161 468 2727


Article first featured in December 17 issue in the magazine.